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Por La Gente Tequila Reposado

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Por La Gente Tequila Reposado earns an elegant golden color during 6 months of aging in charred American white oak barrels from Tennessee whiskey. Its aroma is bright and refreshing with an agave base and hints of spices, oak, and vanilla. An incredibly smooth fine agave flavor excites the palate with smooth and sweet touches, enriched with hints of honey, fruit, and flowers. A pleasant sipping tequila that could be enjoyed on the rocks or in a deliciously crafted cocktail. 

Por La Gente 100% Blue Agave Tequila is made from specially selected, fully ripened blue weber agave that is carefully distilled in small batches at Hacienda la Capilla, a distillery with over a century of traditional tequila making history.

All our tequilas are produced by hand and double distilled in copper pot stills from 100% natural ingredients.

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 Earned a 91 point Gold Medal at the 2023 Beverage Testing Institute Spirits Competition