KROL Potato Vodka

Global Spirits Beverage Brands - Krol Potato Vodka, Cocktail drink with Krol Potato Vodka

KROL means "King" in Polish, which is quite relevant to the status of vodka in the sphere of spirits. KROL is crafted from original recipes dating back to the 1790s when the Polish began using potatoes as the main component in vodka production. KROL is crafted thoroughly in full compliance with these original formulas to maintain an honorable place among all vodka. What makes KROL stand out among the great variety of potato vodka in the USA is its soft and memorable taste. Once sensed, this flavor is difficult to confuse with anything else. Being neutral and mild, it is perfect for any occasion. Smooth if tasted neat and subtle as a part of cocktails. Connoisseurs claim this delicious gluten free vodka to be tender and well-balanced.


Global Spirits Distillery


We use a local organic filter containing schungite, a unique natural mineral that allows our products to closely mimic the structure of natural water. This filtration process is further enhanced with quartz sand and charcoal from special birch and alder trees.


KROL owns one of the most high-tech distilleries in all of Eastern Europe. The plant features a unique design powered by a reliable, world trusted supplier of distillation equipment.


With Kr's gluten-free guarantee, you can safely enjoy your Moscow Mule, Cosmopolitan, or Martini without worrying about allergic reactions.