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Odessa VSOP Brandy

Odessa VSOP Brandy

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Odessa brandy is distilled with traditional Alembic Charentais pot stills. It is produced in the oldest brandy distillery (founded in 1863) in Odessa, Ukraine, a city renowned for centuries of wine and brandy production. This premium V.S.O.P brandy is matured for at least four years in French Oak Barrels.

  • V.S.O.P Quality at V.S Price
  • French Cooper Alambic Distillation
  • Matured for at Least Four Years in V.S.O.P Limousin Oak Barrel Aging
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Belonging to world-famous ShustoFF’s Cognac Family, brandy Odessa is currently #4 best-selling brandy in the world according to Drinks International’s Millionaires’ Club 2021. This V.S.O.P premium quality brandy is produced in the ideal climate conditions, because the distillery that was founded by Nikolay Shustov in 1863 is located by the cost of Black Sea. The brandy was named after the city that is renowned for centuries of winemaking and brandy production – Odessa.

World Spirits Competition
World Spirits Competition 2017
Los Angeles International Spirits Competitions 2017