KHOR Vodka Stays True To Its Ukrainian Roots Making a Charitable Donation To Help Fellow Ukrainians

Founded in 1998, Global Spirits, the company behind KHOR vodka and one of the biggest alcohol producers worldwide, has created a phenomenal vodka with the finest ingredients, 100% produced in Ukraine. Over the years, KHOR has become the #1 Ukrainian vodka, and the #2 best-selling vodka in the world.


Along with Ukraine as a whole, the company has been affected by the war that started in February 2022, with the invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine. From this point, the lives of the Ukrainian people took a completely different turn. Staying true to their mission and origin being based in Ukraine, the company understands that unconditional support to their people during this difficult time is a must. By remaining empathetic, KHOR created an even closer bond with their local team throughout Ukraine, supporting their needs in and outside of work. The safety of Global Spirits employees remained the top priority while navigating the uncertainty of current times, ensuring everyone has a safe place to live along with the job security, salaries and wages being paid on time, despite the constant disruptions in operations, to provide for themselves and their families.

To show support for their country, since April KHOR has been donating $1 from each large bottle sold in the US, to help Ukrainians outside of the company. With overwhelming support from the US market, the company was able to make a sizable donation to the Ukrainian charity fund to help support children in need of medical help. This unwavering dedication to Ukraine is just one of the reasons many have continued to support the brand during this difficult time.


Despite the tough situation in Ukraine, Global Spirits is staying true to its roots, continuing to produce KHOR at their largest distillery in Zaporizhzhia. This facility is less than 30 miles from the active war zone, where the sounds of falling missiles can be heard on a daily basis. Even with this close proximity, the distillery is still producing at full capacity to ensure enough supply to meet the increasing demand.


“Most things in this world we cannot control. But as a company we decided that we will not sit idly by, so we said yes to helping our people. We understand the importance of supporting our employees and their families by providing a stable income, security and peace of mind. Therefore, our distilleries have remained open this whole time and have been fulfilling 100% of the contractual obligations.” - Alina Rabchanka, CEO of Global Spirits USA.

Since 2014, KHOR has been an award-winning vodka at international spirits tasting competitions, winning GOLD in the Los Angeles International Wine Competition, New York International Spirits Competition, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America. The pure, celebrated taste with accolades to prove its quality, has helped propel KHOR to the top of the industry.

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Global Spirits was founded in 1998 as an alcohol distributor, but has since grown to produce various brands such as Khor vodka and Odessa brandy in its own distilleries in Ukraine. Nowadays, its portfolio is distributed to 87 countries worldwide.


Global Spirits Team

Source: Global Spirits


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